Aleene’s True Snow

*Weathe resistant formula
* 118 ml pottle
* Great to use to give texture to any painting or project
* Use with sponge, brush, palette knife or any craft tool
*Air dries after 24 hours
*Clean up with warm soapy water



fas gesso

*Primer/Sealer     *Quick drying – waterproof     *Non-Toxic

Fast drying primer/sealer for canvas, board and most painting surfaces.  Seals adsorbent surfaces to prevent uneven appearance and excessively fast drying, resulting from paint penetration.  In undiluted form, Gesso may be textured, but diluted with a little water if sealing is required.

* Colours – Black or White
* Two sizes – 375 ml or 1 lt
*Cleanup with warm soapy water

 375ml pottle

 white only


Jo Sonjas White Gesso

*Primer/Sealer    *Quick Drying    *Non Toxic

Fine-Grit finish with maximum “tooth”. Suitable for Fine or Decorative Art applications.  Use as a primer for most surfaces e.g wood, canvas, metal, paper, card and terracotta. May be thinned with  Jo Sonjas Flow Medium.  Clean up with mild soap and cool water.

 250ml pottle


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