Jo Sonja Acrylic Paints

Jo Sonja Artists’ Colours are a flow formula acrylics offering the opacity of colour and the beautiful, velvet matte finish associated with traditional gouache plus superb handling and brushing characteristics.  Unlike gouache,  they are water -resistant and will not chip or crack when cured.
Made from the finest quality pure pigments, the colours will remain vibrant and true for generations.  They are safe, water based and clean up easily with soap and water.

Suitable for all surfaces including paper, papier mache, card canvas, wood fabric, tin terracotta, glass and tile.

All Artist colours 75 ml tubes

– Choose from a range of up to 80 colours including metallic.

  • Series 1
  • Series 2
  • Series 3


 Colours 250 ml bottles

  • Titanium white, Burnt Umber, Carbon Black


Creative Possibilities Colour Sampler

Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours…
Set your creativity free with a complete colour wheel of pure, intense colours.  Use alone or mix to produce a myriad of other exciting hues.
*Compatible with all Jo Sonja’s Mediums
*Professional quality acrylics drying to a velvet matte finish
*Clean up with mild sopa and water

12 x 20 ml tubes of Jo Sonja’s artists colours providing a complete colour choice: Titanium White, Yellow Light, Yellow Orange, Napthol Red Light, Napthol Crimson, Amethyst, Diox Purple, Blue Violet, Aqua, Pine Green, Yellow Green, Carbon Black.


10 Tube Palette Sampler

Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours…
This convenient, ten tube sampler provides all the colours you need to begin your creative journey.  Use the colours alone or mix them to produce a myriad of other exciting hues suitable for any surface or any design.
*Professional quality acrylics drying to a velvet matte finish
*Acid and lignin free, Archival quality
*Compatible with all Jo Sonja’s Mediums
*Clean up with mild soap and water

10 x 20ml tubes of Jo Sonja’s artists’ colours providing a comlpete colour choice: Titanium White, Warm White, Napthol Red Light, Yellow Light, Ultra Blue Deep, Pine Green, Brown Earth, Carbon Black, Burgundy, Rich Gold.



Nature’s Patette – Potting Shed Colour Collection

A Relaxed, mellow palette….

Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Quality Background Colours…..
Are specially formulated for easy basecoating of items intended for Decorative & Fine Art Applications.  Made from the finest “artista quality” pigments, all conform to ASTM lightfastness standards to ensure your colours will not fade over time.
*For surface preparation or inclusion as palette colour
*Compatible with all other products in Jo Sonja’s Decorative Painting System
*Suitable for most surfaces including wood, paper, cards, canvas, terracotta & metal
*Clean up with mild soap and water

12 x 1-2oz bottles of Jo Sonja’s Potting Shed Collection: Blackberry, Claret Rose, Cornflower, Geranium, Marigold, Mouse, Mustard Seed, Raindrops, Seedlings, Stillwater, Vines, Wild Grape


Iridescent Colours

Jo Sonja’s Decorative Painting System…
Add a sparkle to your projects with Jo Sonja’s Iridescent Colours.

Use For:
*Overall iridescent effects
* Highlights of shimmering colour
*Fabulous Faux Finishes

*Compatible with all Jo Sonja’s Mediums
*Clean up with mild soap and water

Jo Sonja’s Iridescent Colours: Gold , Green , Red , Violet, Blue, Turquoise. 60ml pottles


Metallic Colours

Jo Sonja’s Specialty Colour Set, Brillant Metallic Collection….
Six exciting colours for use in creative applications such as:

*Colour bands
*Liner work
*Faux finishes

*Clean up with mild soap and water

6 x 20ml tubes of Jo Sonja’s Metallic Colours: Pearl White, Silver, Pale Gold, Rich Gold, Burnished Copper, Rose Gold


Mediums Starter Kit 

Jo Sonja’s  Quality Decorative Art Products to assist with your painting from start to finish.

Use for: *Surface preparation * Painting Techniques *Finishing *Clean Up

* Compatible with all Jo Sonja’s Paints
* Clean up with mild soap and water

6 x 60ml bottles of Jo Sonja’s Mediums: All Purpose Sealer, Clear Glaze Medium, Magic Mix, Retarder Medium, Polyurethane Water Based Satin Varnish, Brush Soap and Conditioner.



Jo Sonja’s Products For Preparation and Painting

– All Purpose Sealer
All purpose sealer seals most porous surfaces in preparation for painting.
These include: wood, tin, unglazed bisque, card, paper and fibreboard
-Surface preparation *Assists paint adhesion *

– Magic Mix
 Light sealer containing an extender for “Open” time that dries matte.
-Floated colour or transparent colour layering
-Strokework, Linework and Detail Painting

– Gel Retarder
Use as a painting and antiquing medium, delays drying time, does not reduce paint viscosity.

– Retarder
Use as a painting medium, for antiquing and delays drying time of acrylic paints.


-Stroke & Blend
For colour floating, blending, smooth controlled brushstrokes and delays drying time.

Use for faux finishes and special effects, for transparent and textural effects and delays drying time.

-Flow Medium
Use as a painting medium for smooth, controlled brushstrokes, fine detail and linework.

– Clear Glaze 
Use as a light surface sealer prior to painting or staining, as a barrier coat between layers and prior to varnishing.
For staining, glazing and other transparent painting effects.

All Mediums/Products are 250 ml and clean up with warm soapy water.




                 FW Acrylic Artists Ink

Over fifty colours including Pearlescent.  The inks are vibrant, strong and rugged so bold artwork can be achieved where colour strength, expression and fluidity are required. Equally the colours can be diluted to achieve subtlety of tones/colours.
The inks can be used with brushes or dipper pens.